24 April 2011

Brief note

Today's workout was from the Wii EA Sports Active 2, and it was quite awesome. I had the game create a workout for me, did a half-hour of it, and it was nice and tough without being impossible. Very impressed.

Also, I did one yesterday on shift (GASP! HORROR! SHOCK! You mean you were 1) at a station where workout equipment exists, and 2) had more than SIXTY SECONDS to be in quarters? Yes. That's what I mean). I was at one of the new Green Valley Fire stations, and we were in quarters for a good solid sixty minutes. Of that, I was either on the treadmill, lifting wights, or on the nordic track/elliptical machine for forty-five or so. It was quite refreshing. Between the two days I've burned probably 650–750 additional calories, did probably three, three and a half miles of running, and got a full upper-body weight workout finished. I am quite impressed with myself.

I'm trying to figure out how to get EA Sports Active's website to let me link my workouts to either Facebook or my blog, without success. If anyone knows anything about this, please drop me a line.

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