04 July 2011

Riding (okay, spinning) the Tour de France

Stage 3 of the 2011 Tour de France. Live on Versus starting at 05:00 local time here. Naturally, I have to get up and watch it.

But, I also want to get in a spin workout. What to do ... what to d.... HEY! I just had a GREAT idea! I'll spin, and WATCH at the same time!!

In fact, what I did today was to get up a little early, fuel, hydrate, change, and warmed up while watching the pre-race stuff, then when they went to the live action I was ready and in the saddle. Did a zone 2 (mostly with a few minutes of 3) spin ... originally, I was aiming to be in the saddle and spinning the whole time they were racing, but wasn't quite ready for that much spinning. Did make 2 hours and 26 minutes though, plus warm up, stretching, and warmdown, and frankly it was a great spin. Thinking back on it, I think I could have done the last forty-five minutes or so if I'd been a little more judicious with fueling during, but can't be sure until I have more data.

Tomorrow: sprint practice (on the trainer. During the tour).

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