21 December 2011

Yes, it's the season ...

... for illnesses. I've been sick twice in the past two weeks, first with a sore throat and now with a swollen/drippy nose and headache. Because of that, no workouts since my last attempt at my own personal Pistol Hill ride.

I do have some big plans though. I believe that I should be able to feel well enough Friday to do a couple of repeats of Escalante, though three or four would be better. I am working the front half-shift on Christmas, so I would like to also do a ride sometime Saturday, and I should be able to do Pistol Hill on Monday, then get in another short ride Tuesday morning before doing the back half-shift Tuesday. Wednesday I'm going to take a rest day, maybe do some recovery zone spinning on the trainer inside, but then on my birthday Thursday I'm going to rock Pistol Hill again. This time going all the way to the southern intersection with Camino Loma Alta (which means I'll be doing the Cat 4 climb on Pistol Hill twice; once westbound and again eastbound). I'm sure it's going to be a butt-kicker but I'm determined to do the "full" ride. Thirty miles. Seeing that at least a couple of the races I plan to do next year are more than twice that distance, I probably should get cracking eh?

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