10 October 2011

Yeah, yeah ... I know, darn it

It's been a while, I know. And it's kind of ironic that I haven't been posting, because I've actually been working out more often, more productively, and with more focus than I have in a decade. It's even more ironic that I am posting today, after I've been sick for a week with a cold and couldn't workout at all.

My friend and I joined the nearest LA Fitness as members (which basically just means we can use any LA Fitness in America, except certain higher-level clubs here and there), and with the exception of this week have been going three days a week to do strength and cardio. Started on 13 August, and since then I've made tremendous progress in my strength. The cardio has been relatively minimal, mostly just enough to get a lung-burn in weekly. I've been focusing on improving my leg strength, specifically to make the cycling pedal stroke more efficient and make the hill climbing not quite as much of a challenge to the cardio workout.

Speaking of cycling ... I bought a new bike too ! I will give a better review of it a little later in the week, after my third good long ride on it, but I will give you a hint: it's an awesome value and a really good starter bike.

So later this week, I will post a full on review of my new bike, and a post detailing the improvements from the gym workouts.

Here's the first pic of the new bike:

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