17 November 2011

Back in ... red and black!

It's been so long, I'm glad to be back.

Yes, I've been gone a while, and yes it's been eventful and there have been things I probably ought to have been blogging about but just couldn't sit down and get done! So let me catch you up a little bit.

First, as mentioned, I went and bought a decent bike. It's a Trek, Mountain Bike, model 3500, and I really like it. I will post a separate review of the bike shortly but I've put more than 100 miles on it so far and it's really been a huge boost to my biking and weightloss efforts.

Second, I've been biking. Quite a lot, actually. I knew I would once I had a decent machine to work with, and it's been really a lot of fun. There are several rides I'd like to do, and some that I've been doing a lot, so that's been fun.

Third, I've been losing more weight. Yes, that probably should be obvious: multiple thousand-Calorie exercises done in a single week + same Calorie intake as before should = weight loss. And, it did. Down to 221 pounds now, and in the morning I'm going to hop the scale to see where I'm at at the end of this week. I believe it will be below 220, but probably not by much.

Previously, I'd been posting reviews of every single workout, which I don't believe I'm going to continue doing. What I'll do instead is get Training Peaks to post blog entries automatically since I do a brief review each time I put a workout up on TP, and have that be the individual post. That means the posts on this blog will start to be more specific to equipment, nutrition, and book reviews, as well as overall progress toward my ultimate goal of getting to a good racing weight (somewhere between 145-165 pounds, I believe). That should make it more interesting to read.

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