29 January 2012

Finished !

I did indeed finish the race, as can be seen here and here, and a little later on the BikeReg site. I completed in about 48 minutes (official results not ready yet), with an average speed of 15.16 mph (24.4 kph), and with an average HR of 177. Let's compare that to the goals.

First, did I finish? Yep. Finished and had fun!
Second, did my LT HR improve? Yep. Current estimated LT of 173 was exceeded during an entire time trial, for a new LT HR of 177.
Third, was my average speed > 15 mph? Yep again! Not by much, mind you, but still.

So I feel very happy with today's results, and I think that this is evidence that I can continue to work hard and train smart and do very well in this field.

Now, for the wouldn't it be awesome goals.

First, placing. I don't yet know where I placed, but I am fairly certain that I am indeed 5th of 5 masters 40+. I may not have been the slowest cat 5 racer there, but I won't know that until later either. 
Second, average speed > 18 mph. I was not able to achieve this goal, and having done it it was not realistic. If I had my own road bike, sized properly, with aero bars and deep rims I might have been able to streamline a little bit, but the truth is that it's not the bike that's holding me back. I just need to continue to lose weight and train and that will be the best solution for that.

Right now I feel tired. I need a nap. More later.

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