28 January 2012

Goals for tomorrow

So. As you already know, first race (of my life, and of this season) is tomorrow, the Race Against Time Time Trial out near Marana, AZ. So today, I thought I'd sit down and spell out what my specific goals and dreams are for tomorrow.

First, the goals:

1) Finish. It's a 20 km time trial, and I routinely ride 30+ on training rides, so finishing should definitely be attainable.
2) Show an improved LT HR. Currently, I am working with an estimated LT HR of about 173 BPM. Hopefully, at the end of this time trial, I will find that my LT HR is 174 or 175. That would be nice.
3) Average > 15 mph. This would be a fair jump, though my current avg speeds are done at a much lower tempo and HR goal than this race requires. So this may be within the realm of feasibility.

Second, the "wouldn't it be awesome if" goals:

1) Finish higher than 5th of 5 in my racing category. I'd love it if I weren't last :D
2) Average > 18 mph. Not really feasible I don't believe, though I have two things working for me here: first, I train only on my mountain bike (because it's all I have), and second, the fact that I'm going to be working much harder than normal. With the much reduced rolling resistance and better characteristics, as well as the whole "pushing harder" part, I should be able to ride quite a bit faster than normal. How much faster remains to be seen.

And finally, the "dreams":

1) Win. Not in my first race, probably not, but dream big right!
2) Average > 23 mph.

Packet pick up is later today, as well as the pick up of the rental bike. When I get finished tomorrow I'll post some notes about how it went and how I felt.

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