05 September 2010

05 SEP 2010 workout

120' Endurance ride (note: ride totals include warm-up and cool-down; this is exactly what the book The Time Crunched Cyclist says to do so I do it that way).

Warmup: 10' spin
Workout: 1h 40' 00" spin (estimated 1700 Cal.) @ EM HR (125-140)
Cooldown: 10' 00" spin.
Estimated Total Calories: 2200
Did a 120' spin of EM this morning. This was the first true endurance spin (or ride) I've done in many years, so I was a little apprehensive about it, but I owned it. This is also the first ride with my new Bellwether Axiom biking shorts. They absolutely rule, I will be reviewing them in a blog later today. Also tried my new Bontrager biking gloves, I will review them separately. Overall, had no problems keeping my HR in the right zone, and the spin itself was otherwise unremarkable.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Tuesday, a 150' spin in EM.

Sleep: 9/10 (slept very well. Woke up once, went right back to sleep)
Fatigue: 0/10 (no fatigue)
Stress: 3/10 (slightly stressed about the length of today's ride!)
Soreness: 0/10 (not sore)

Resting HR: 67

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