24 October 2012

24 OCT ride and notes

Since I had missed Tuesday's ride due to a forgotten item on my calendar, I needed to make up that ride and do it early enough to be able to make the beginning of ACLS New Provider, day 2.

It's definitely fall here in Southern Arizona, seeing that the ambient air temperature to start the morning, pre-dawn, was about 60 ° F, and dropped to 54 ° F where I passed through low-lying washes and riverbeds. Since I didn't realize it was fall yet, I hadn't bothered to put on or carry long leg covers or arm warmers, and I was flipping freezing for part of the ride.

But, it was still awesome. Even before the plumbers-crack of dawn.

I did the full ride as planned, got in all the distance I wanted, and got it done about four minutes faster than anticipated (I was moving about 0.3 mph faster than I planned. Go me!). Maybe because it was chilly! I've also decided that though I don't think I always want to have to get up that early to get in a ride, it's not a bad time to try. The route I took is very lightly traveled that time of morning, and since much of the route does not have street lamps, there's not much opportunity for me to sneak a peek too far ahead and get discouraged about how much hill there is left to climb.

So far, I haven't noticed any movement on the donation page for Brandon and Tu Nidito. I'm hoping that's because it's not quite payday yet! Remember that donations go to a great kid and a great cause!

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