23 October 2012

Slight shift

I had scheduled myself to help teach an ACLS New Provider class today and tomorrow, and forgot until I woke up today, so I was unable to get my morning ride in as planned. Instead, I made today a rest day, took out the rest day scheduled for Thursday, and moved today's ride to Wednesday and Wednesday's ride to Thursday.

I did my Monday ride as scheduled, mostly, with one slight modification: instead of backtracking eastbound on Moore RD all the way back to Rancho Vistoso, and then taking Rancho Vistoso south to Tangerine before turning around, I detoured onto Woodburne AVE. It shortened the ride by about 0.85 miles, but it allowed me to take a road I've never ridden on a bike and allowed me to ride right past Golder Ranch Fire District station 375, which was also nice. It looked like the guys were all inside doing a CE or some kind of training so I didn't disturb them, but it was cool to ride up to the station.

I felt pretty good during the ride overall. I am still pretty heavy, so climbing is still really my biggest weakness on the bike, though overall power and aerobic endurance are pretty poor right now as well (mostly due to my having had to miss two months of riding due to my back). Even on the climbs, however, I didn't really blow up my heartrate like I thought I might. I think I popped into HR zone 6 (anaerobic threshold, for the unaware) once or twice, but not for more than a few seconds at at time. Since I was trying to stay out of my anaerobic threshold, that's a good thing.

I really do enjoy biking up in Oro Valley, although I don't ride along Oracle RD. Ranch Vistoso has generous bike lanes, as does much of Moore RD. Rancho Vistoso is also not terribly jammed with traffic (at least, not at the times I'm on it), and in the places where Moore RD does not have a bike lane, it's very lightly traveled (again, at the times that I'm usually on it). The scenery is amazing, especially when you are heading back down Rancho Vistoso eastbound from the Sun City BLVD area.

Tomorrow, going to swing around on my Broadway Bikes loop route. Until then, good night!

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