26 October 2012

Excess of ambition

I realized early yesterday that this week's schedule was too ambitious for just having come off of eight weeks of not riding due to injury and illness, and so I took yesterday as a rest day and moved that day's ride to today.

Which, it turns out, was a fantastic idea, because if I had done this ride yesterday I would be wiped out today (much as I am likely to be wiped out tomorrow, and may not be able to handle that ride ... I'll know more when I wake up tomorrow).

Today's ride, though rough as it was, still rocked hardcore. And I did change the route mid-stream; instead of taking Old Spanish Trail (OST) all the way to Pistol Hill RD (PH) and then turning back just after the crest of the hill, I elected to head southbound on Camino Loma Alta (CLA) past RVFD station #1 all the way down to Colossal Cave RD (a.k.a. Pistol Hill RD and other names), then head westbound up Pistol Hill the back way and back to OST.

I like this route, maybe better than taking OST all the way down. The route from OST to PH, once you get south of CLA, has several washes with steep descents and climbs, leading up to Pistol Hill proper. Because I'm not really in the kind of shape I would like to be in (or, soon will be), that extra climbing really wrecks my thighs before hitting Pistol Hill. Coming the other way, though ... CLA is a mostly uphill climb from OST, and the back side of Pistol Hill is a nice long climb.

I am wasted after that ride though. So I'm going to lie down and probably crash. Have a great Friday night everyone!

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