01 August 2010

01 Aug 2010 workout

Today's workout was a zone 4/5a/5b threshold & aerobic capacity run.

Warmup: 15 minutes on Wii Fit
Workout: 33'38" run (2.26 mi, avg 14'53" mile, 410 Cal, Min HR 130, Max HR 177, Avg HR 155)
Cooldown: 5 min walk (recovery HR roughly - 20–25 BPM)
Estimated Total Calories: 510

Good run. Felt better and was able to push the envelope a bit, did some interval-esque running (clearly visible on the run tracker on Nike + website).
My last two runs were both tracked with both the RunKeeper free app for iPhone as well as the Nike+ app. The Nike calibration hasn't been really good, mostly because it's a PITA to calibrate it unless you do it in EXACTLY the right order (it doesn't do a very good job when backgrounded). As for which I like better ... I like the Nike + app better for almost everything. I wish it would shuffle the playlist that I select, rather than only "all songs," and I wish it would handle calibration better (it should allow you to go back to historical workouts and calibrate those, as well has properly suspend and restore its state when put in the background on iOS 4). Outside of that, the Nike+ site is awesome, I LOVE the graphs they use. RunKeeper has great map and elevation graph, along with pacing/speed graphs that superimpose over the elevation graph, showing you how you fared against the climb. So, for the near future, I do believe that my runs will be done with both apps, since they both give different useful information.

Sleep: 10/10 (Awesome sleep)
Fatigue: 1/10 (slightly fatigued, mostly from the shift I believe)
Stress: 4/10 (work stress elevated)
Soreness: 1/10 (slight R hamstring soreness)

Resting HR (@wakeup): 66.

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