22 August 2010

22 Aug 2010 workout

Since developing the runner's knee after the last couple of runs, I've switched to spinner only. Today, a 30 minute spin in zone 5b.

Warmup: 5' 00" spin up.
Workout: 30' 00" spin in zone 5b (estimated 601 Cal.)
Cooldown: 5' 00" spin down.
Estimated Total Calories: 670
Felt great during the spin, it was a definite 18 on the Borg RPE scale. TSS 60 (for an explanation of estimated TSS, see Joe Friel's Blog on this metric). It was fairly easy to keep the effort in the right HR range, and basically just meant when the HR crept up to the high end (169) I dropped down one gear, then when it got to the bottom edge (164) I would crank up a gear; wash, rinse, repeat until 30 minutes are up.

Tomorrow is a recovery day, probably 45-55 minutes in Zone 1.

Sleep: 9/10 (slept really well last night)
Fatigue: 0/10 (no fatigue)
Stress: 1/10 (a little bit concerned about the knees, but I think they'll be fine once they're completely rested from the running. Once I lose more weight I think it will be fine to go back to the running.)
Soreness: 1/10 (very slight R knee soreness)

Resting HR: 64

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