08 August 2010

08 Aug 2010 workout, review of new wardrobe items

Today's workout was a zone 4/5a/5b/5c walk/run.

Warmup: 10 minutes on Wii Fit.
Workout: 32'40" walk/run (estimated 408 Cal, Min HR 145, Max HR 179, Avg HR 157.)
Cooldown: 5 min walk.
Estimated Total Calories: 470
Busted out with a good hard walk/run, essentially interval training (see the run graph). Felt great starting, had a good run throughout, and finished with a pretty good nearly full-effort sprint toward the end (recovery HR: 175->1' 151-> 2' 143->3' 138 (-24, -32, -35)).

Got new workout clothes and running shoes! I went and spent some money to upgrade the wardrobe, and I'm ecstatic about the results.

The shirt is a loose-fit Under Armour Ringer Tech Tee, which was really comfortable. No places where it bunches up, squeezes, or felt too loose. In addition to the shirt, I got a pair of Under Armour Compression Heatgear Compression shorts (really, just tight boxers meant to keep everything secure), and a pair of Under Armour Men's Blitz Microshorts, the combination of which worked really well. The pockets in the shorts are very deep, which I like, but they're only attached at the opening, and so if you put anything heavy (like, keys), the pockets sway really badly. Outside of that, they're excellent.

The pinnacle, though, is the shoes: Under Armour Prophet II running shoes. I freaking LOVE these shoes. They don't roll, they compress properly, the shock absorption is excellent, and they have great rebound. These aren't the top end of running shoe, but they're quite excellent for a guy like me, just re-starting his exercise activity.

Sleep: 9/10 (Excellent sleep)
Fatigue: 2/10 (hardly any fatigue)
Stress: 1/10 (little work stress)
Soreness: 1/10 (slight R hamstring soreness)

Resting HR (@wakeup): 67.

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