03 August 2010

Minor changes

Today's "run" gave me a thought about how to change up a few things and possibly work the fat off faster. Naturally, one of the things that we fat people have to worry about when attempting any exercise program is the health of our hearts, and our blood pressure (many of us start exercising because our doctor says "run or DIE" or something nearly as melodramatic, because we have pre-hypertension or are actually at HTN stage 1).

I have an advantage, in that I was in outstanding shape, exercising nearly every day for four years and change when I was on Active Duty in the Army, and then did some pretty consistent 3-4 hour/week basketball games/practice the first couple of years that I was in college. My body has had the experience of intense exercise, and the Anatomical Adaptation phases are somewhat lessened as a result.

However, I'm still a fatty-fatty-fatty right now, and the best thing I need to do in order to be able to start periodization training for El Tour de Phoenix 2011 (which is the first Saturday in April) is to lose the weight while doing very basic aerobic capacity stuff.

So, again, change is coming. I know, you're all bored to death with my constant changing of patterns and plans, but it's my blog :P

The change is that I'm going to switch two days a week to be zone 2/3 spins of 45 minutes or more (Thursdays and Saturdays, I am thinking right now) with Sundays and Tuesdays still planning on being a hard zone 4/5a-b walk/run as much as possible, probably by building in some interval training into the walk/run. The theory here is that the two long(er), slow-ish spins will be more fat-burning, but still aerobic enough to build some basic aerobic fitness, while the two walk/runs per week will be better for improving aerobic fitness and less oriented on fat specifically. Between the two, I am thinking that I will be able to both gain the fitness while maximizing the fat burning potential, so that every week is as effective as possible at losing weight while not being overly taxing, yet still pushing the fitness limits a little bit to edge out the envelope of my aerobic ability.

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