03 August 2010

03 Aug 2010 workout

Today's workout was intended to be a zone 4/5a/5b threshold & aerobic capacity run, but after a couple of minutes of normal running pace my HR was into the 170-172 range, so I dialed it back to a mostly zone 2/3 aerobic/tempo walk/jog, with occasional jogs into the anaerobic capacity realm.

Warmup: 8 minutes on Wii Fit
Workout: 37'09" walk/jog (2.19 mi, avg 16'58" mile, 392 Cal, Min HR 135, Max HR 172, Avg HR 143. In-exercise recovery HRs, with start->1'->3': 1st 172->152->145; 2nd 167->146-136. Not bad for a 40 year-old fat guy who's only been back on the exercise wagon for just under a month.)
Cooldown: 5 min walk.
Estimated Total Calories: 441
For some reason, my sleep was broken up often, and I am fairly sure I spent the last two hours of it in an alpha state rather than a full sleeping state.

No workout tomorrow, on-shift.

Sleep: 5/10 (Woke up several times through the night)
Fatigue: 3/10 (somewhat fatigued)
Stress: 4/10 (work stress elevated)
Soreness: 1/10 (slight R hamstring soreness)

Resting HR (@wakeup): 70.

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