15 July 2010

15 JUL 2010 workout entry

Wii Fit again, did 40 total minutes burning 301 kcal. Good stuff. Did Yoga to psych up, hula hoops and step aerobics to warm up, then boxing and 20 minutes of interval running (in place), with a cool down after.

Sleep: 3/10 (we were up much of the night transporting or covering for other units)
Fatigue: 2/10 (a little tired from lack of sleep but not remarkably so)
Stress: 1/10 (hardly any stress)
Soreness: 1/10 (very little soreness)

So, for the Donovan Standard Week Sat-Fri (working tomorrow, so no workout):

  1. 138 total minutes of cardio
  2. 856 kcal burned during that cardio
6.203 kcal/minute during cardio. Estimated BMR is 1.730 kcal/min, making my current cardio workload about a MET of 3.6, which is not as high as I'd like as an average but is okay to start out. As I add more and harder exercises, that will improve.

Felt good throughout exercises. A couple more weeks of this and I'll be ready to shift into Phase 1B of The Plan™:
  • Continue Wii Fit, ~ 30 minutes to warm up and get a good sweat started.
  • Add running, minimum 10 minutes two days a week to start, gradually working up to an additional 30 minutes twice weekly.
  • Add Gold's Gym Wii game, one non-run day/week.
  • Fourth day will be a light workout day on the Wii fit only.

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