13 July 2010

Workout and weight loss goals list

This list will be revised over time, and regularly updated as things change.

Short-term goals (next 3 months, by the end of September):
  1. Start with working out 30 minutes per day, minimum 3 days per week (prefer 5) on the Wii Fit & Gold's Gym
  2. Add short- to medium-distance (1/2 mile to 2 mile) running twice weekly after a few weeks of #1
  3. Lose ~30 pounds (to ~200)
Medium-term goals (3 to 9 months from now, end of March 2011)
  1. Add road biking two days a week, 30-45 minutes each day
  2. Continue running, increasing distance or decreasing times as needed
  3. Lose additional 45-60 pounds (to ~145-155)
  4. Start process of race-specific bike training
Longer-term goals (> 9 months from now)
  1. Add some mountain biking for variety
  2. Begin periodization training
  3. Register with USA Cycling/ABRA
  4. Maintain body weight between 145-160 lbs.

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