13 July 2010

The New Me, same as the Old Me. But better.

Hi there. I'm Donovan, and I'm overweight. I'm here because that's about to change, and I'm putting up my experiences, goals, missions, successes, failures, and thoughts on the matter so that I can learn, and maybe others can too.

First, a very slight bit of background. I currently work as a Paramedic, and a long time ago I was a soldier in the U. S. Army. I have pictures that prove that I used to be in shape. I also have pictures that prove that I'm way past that point right now.

I just recently got a raise at work, and used that as an opportunity to jump-start a weight-loss and conditioning program with the ultimate goal of me getting into shape enough to compete in local bike races, and do so at a reasonably healthy BMI.

So, this entry is just really the quick backdrop and starting point for the remainder of this process.

With this blog, I have several specific goals:
  1. To list and publicize my exercise goals and activities to create accountability;
  2. to list and publicize my nutritional goals, for the same reason.
  3. To create a review system and evaluation system (in my personal training, I intend to try several different items, in-game/race/training fuels, hydration products, nutrition products, and other things, and report on my results).
  4. To criticize and evaluate my progress, the training/workout plan(s), and anything else related to this process, to learn more about myself, workouts, training, and human endurance/physiology
  5. To explain and dig deeply into the things listed above so that others might also gain insight
Please bear with me as I get this party started. Bad 70s, 80s, and other decades' catch phrases are free with your meal.

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