26 July 2010

26 Jul 2010 workout

Today's workout was a zone 1 recovery workout with the Wii Fit.

Wii Fit: 8 minutes of zone 1 warmup
Wii Fit: 30 minutes of zone 1 workout
Wii Fit: 2 minutes of zone 1 cooldown
Estimated Total Calories: 275
HR during  the workout was kept very tightly in the zone 1 range, never exceeded 129, avg HR of 106.
Sleep: 9/10 (Good sleep, did wake up twice but went right back to sleep)
Fatigue: 0/10 (no fatigue)
Stress: 0/10 (no stress)
Soreness: 1/10 (slight R hamstring soreness)

Resting HR (@wakeup): 68

After I've been through one whole month, I'm going to start posting weekly weigh-ins with waist and neck measurements on Mondays, and once I've lost the first 15—20 pounds of weight I'll start keeping track of my recovery HRs as well.

As things move along, especially after I've been through three months and have my bike for actual road workouts, this thing kicks into a higher gear. At the 1 month mark, I'm going to add about an hour total to the weekly workout, making the desired minimum 150 minutes ( 1/2 hours) and the weekly goal (the preferred total) 210 minutes (3 1/2 hours), by extending two hard workouts from 30 minutes to 45, one of them from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and keeping the recovery workouts at 30 minutes.

In order to keep from working too hard too fast, the 60 minute workouts will be done at a zone 3 pace instead of a zone 4/5a, with the 45 minute workouts in zones 4/5a.  The 30 minute recovery workouts will still be zone 1.

The 3-month mark will see an increase in total weekly hours to closer to 4.5 (270 minutes), with the longest bike ride or run of the week being a 90 minute affair (probably a bike ride). Ultimately, the workout time goal is to start next year's cycling training season in the 350 annual hours range, and using Joe Friel's periodization hours/week for that training level. The Preparation period for this cycle starts in mid- to late-December, and my goal weight for that time is 210-220 pounds. At that point, I'll re-evaluate where I stand and re-assess my goals in light of that cycling season.

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