25 July 2010

25 Jul 2010 workout

Today's workout was a zone 4/5a run, with warmup on the Wii Fit and stretching, and a cooldown with stretching after.

Wii Fit: 13 minutes of zone 1-2 warmup
Run: ~2.25 miles, 30 minutes, average speed 13 min 29 sec/mile
Estimated Total Calories: 470
HR during  the run was kept very tightly in the zone 4 & 5a ranges, never exceeded 163 and stayed above 146 almost the whole time.
Sleep: 9/10 (Good sleep, did wake up twice but went right back to sleep)
Fatigue: 0/10 (no fatigue)
Stress: 0/10 (no stress)
Soreness: 0/10 (No soreness)

As a new addition I'm tracking my wake-up heart rate first thing in the morning.

Resting HR (@wakeup): 73

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