13 July 2010

Nutrition and food goals

As with the workout and weight loss goals (of which, this is a part!), these are a starting point and definitely subject to change.

Short-term goals (3 months):
  1. Track daily calorie intake (via Sparkpeople) every day
  2. Track fat, protein, carb, sodium, and fiber intake every day
  3. Meet daily calorie goals on > 80% of days
  4. Meet other daily nutritional goals > 70% of days
  5. Shift foods away from high-sodium and high-fat items
  6. Increase daily ingestion of vegetables
Medium-term goals (3-9 months from now, end of March 2011)
  1. 95% of work food brought from home (occasional meals out okay)
  2. Meet daily calorie goals > 95% of days
  3. Meet other daily nutritional goals on > 95% of days
  4. Planned meals, snacks, recovery/in-training meals tracked daily
Long-term goals (longer)
  1. Continue to bring > 95% of work meals from home
  2. Calorie goals met 99% of time with allowances for occasional overages
  3. Daily goals for fat and sodium on lower end of RDA (allowing for replenishment during exercise/training), with protein, carb, vitamin goals met 99% of days
  4. Continue to refine & update plan

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